The  Witzelsucht  Memorandum
-Where Top-Hat, Red-Carpet Service Is Practically A Motto-

Your King of Men, and King of the Jews, too!

HOT JEWISH SEX: The timeless, tortured truth of the JEWISH SINGLES SCENE in Washington, DC (the basis of Stanley Kubrick's last film, "Wide Thighs Shut") ...From the classic zine PLOTZ

A controversial proposal for JEWS IN WRESTLING! (WARNING: May Be Considered Offensive!)

Also from PLOTZ, WIT MEMO cracks the mysteries of the KOSHER DIETARY LAWS

WHY I CAN'T GO TO YOM KIPPUR SERVICES  . . .  again from the wonderful PLOTZ!


    You've never before heard The REAL Story of  CHANUKKAH

    and as long as we're talking Jewish interest,

    The BIG QUESTION that Historian STEPHEN AMBROSE FORGOT to ask PAT BUCHANAN during their 'debate' on MSNBC!

 Wit Memo